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The end of May means the end of our Season. Don’t worry, we’re still open during the summer…it’s just our programs that shut down until school opens back up in September. 
I want to send a personal “thank you” to everyone that came to celebrate the culmination of eight months of hard-spirit-filled work. 

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So this happened… 
My buddy Dave B from the MoTown YFC just hooked me up with a “hbd” and a bike! Guess I have a new summer project; new tires, change the gearing, remove the brakes (obvs) and a new seat. Stoked!

So this happened… 

My buddy Dave B from the MoTown YFC just hooked me up with a “hbd” and a bike! Guess I have a new summer project; new tires, change the gearing, remove the brakes (obvs) and a new seat. Stoked!

2012 In Review

Thought I’d go through my Archive and share some of my highlights from the past 12 months. Click on the links for photos, videos, and personal thoughts…

JANUARY [Trip to BC]
Not only my first time flying, but also my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean. Visiting my old friends in Langley, and meeting some fun internet friends in Vancouver, wasn’t just a fun time…it enlightened me spiritually and mentally.  

FEBRUARY [Closing of JJ]
My friends at Jonny’s Java closed their premiere store in Winkler’s mall. A sad occasion, but, it’s great to see how far they’ve come from selling beans out of their basements. 

MARCH [Re-opening of The B]
After the closing of the historic location, and being shut down for far too long, one of my greatest accomplishments ever will have been to be a part of the opening of this new building! I’ll remember this forever. 

APRIL [College Grad]
My years at Prov were some of the most trying times of my adult life. Who I am, and most likely who I will become, were moulded on that campus… 

MAY [RIP Cstone]
My happy place. My favorite summer past time. THE monumental gathering of Christianity and music in one place. It will be missed. 

JUNE [Summer of the BBQ]
Through my job, I was invited to be a part of sooo many fun events involving the preparing and devouring of meat haha. I learned how to make some great dishes, made so many new friends, and raised money/awareness for some great causes. 

JULY [Summer of Bikes]
My entire summer revolved around my new fixed-gear-beauty. It helped me launch the WinkCity Cycle Squad, which (with my friends) got so many people in the community connected to some great things!

AUGUST [Spoken Returned]
Being able to work with one of my favorite and most iconic bands of all time was not only a boyhood dream, but a professional goal that I never really thought I’d be able to check off. 

SEPTEMBER [Breaking the Wrist]
It may not seem like a big deal, but for a guy who was drawing up different designs since he was a child, getting my knuckles tattooed was/is a big deal. 

OCTOBER [YouthPastor First]
Being invited to speak at Westside Church’s “Encounter” event marked my first time speaking on stage at a professional youth event. Something that most people shrug off as just being part of the job, but something I never saw myself doing. 

NOVEMBER [Movember]
Who’da thunk that a couple of hairy dudes could gain the support of an entire community?! Especially at the level that we did…unreal! 

This years big roadtrip. My first time experiencing big cities like Chicago on my own, teamed with the blessing of seeing my old College roommate (and forever one of the best men I’ve known). Not to mention that just like the beginning of the year, I got to end it off by meeting another internet friend, and traveling somewhere new! 

I don’t do resolutions, nor do I think 2013 will be “my year”, but it’s encouraging to see how many firsts I accomplished this year…can’t wait to add more the list! 



The only thing I couldn’t get in time was a decent pair of cargo shorts. But other than that, I think I pulled off ‘Joe’ from “Premium Rush” pretty well.
Fitting, as WinkCity Cycle Squad had it’s final ride of the season tonight. Starting with our 2nd Alley Cat Race, followed by a party at The Bunker hosted by some local metal bands, and ending with a very chilly/brief night pedal.

Daily Thoughts…

When I’m sick I completely shut down. This week has been a wash for me, with every day being a blur of tea, tissues, sleeping, Freaks And Geeks, and Thanksgiving leftovers. Oh, and I saw Taken2 last night (dudesogood)

I also haven’t really updated anything in like…five days…so here’s what’s coming up in my life (if you want to get involved)

1. Next week is Scarlet Halo’s final Winkler concert! 
Super sad they’re breaking up, but this show has an awesome lineup!
Click [here] for the event page!

2. The PETRA concert is looming over us…
It’s only a few weeks away, we still have tickets available, and I still don’t know how we’re going to setup for the night haha
Click [here] for the event page!  

3. I’m speaking in front of my first Church group…
I was asked by Westside Church in Morden to speak at their first “Encounter” event *gulp* haha it should be equally entertaining and awkward :P

4. I’m planning TWO Halloween parties :/
Onefor the WinkCity Cycle Squad (which isn’t coming together as smoothly as I’d like)
Click [here] for updates on that… 
And the other is for Kr£w Gaming (we really want more gamers in the community to join up and hangout)
Click [here] for that event page… 

5. I’m still looking for members and sponsors for next months Movember fundraiser!
The Bunker wants to join up with any men in Southern MB to grow hair, win prizes, raise awareness, and party.
Click [here] for all the info.  

6. November already has 3 parties planned…
The first is a release party for Halo4
Click [here] to see how you can get in for free
Then is a concert by metalcore band Kennedy
Click [here] to see the full band lineup 
And near the end we have Lauren Mann returning for a folk show!
(info coming soon) 

*PHEW* so there you go. Concerts, video games, community events, and lots of food!
I just hope everyone realizes these things are open to anyone, not just my friends or those that attend the Bunker regularly. We’re always open to all!