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Why I Needed WindWakerHD

:: I recently went out and bought a WiiU, after being completely won over by Nintendo’s presentation at this years E3… 

Game Theory: Is “Majora” Link DEAD?!? 

:: I’ve recently fallen back in love with the Legend of Zelda, and if you’re as into the lore as I am, you should watch this awesome take on why Majora’s Mask might be the most important game in the series… 

PS: I still friggin hate this game! 

"Expiration Date"
Team Fortress 2 short by VALVe

E3 2014: The Games 

:: The week is over, the reviews are all over the net. Time to sit back and reflect on what’s important about this expo… 

E3 2014: My Thoughts

:: Where to start…
After last year’s basically disrespectful treatment of gamers by their beloved studios, I really wasn’t expecting much. Thought maybe we’d get more talk about useless hardware and online services we don’t care about. Surprisingly though, I think we were finally listened to. After spending the last four days studying the movements of Microsoft, Bungie, Nintendo, Sony, and the rest - it seems like this years gaming conference finally decided to hook us up with…games! 

E3 2014: The Stuff I Missed…

:: As Day 3 closes, I went back and checked out the reveals/trailers for some of the games I missed (because of pesky things like work, and lack of internet!)
I have a feeling that tomorrow and Friday will be pretty quiet, so I’m going to work on writing up my thoughts on things like - most anticipated, best remake, themes, etc. 
I would LOVE it if you guys shared your thoughts…I’ll even leave a link below to do so, along with an easy button to see today’s posts! 


E3 2014: Day 1…2…Nintendo Day!

:: So yesterday was kinda Day 2, but officially Day 1 (of the floor being open) BUT Nintendo had their online presentation…which blew my mind! So I posted some trailers that excited me, but again, I’m waiting a bit to write up final thoughts on different projects… 
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