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Pierce Brosnan vs Jimmy Fallon in Goldeneye64 on the Tonight Show 

:: Well, there’s something I didn’t know I needed to see! I can only imagine the inner boyhood freakout he had at the end haha…I would’ve lost my marbles! 

Coffee & Multitasking v.138 

:: Mid-E3 distraction edition! 

I was going to post the trailer when it was released buuut it’s pretty raunchy. However, the return of these two dorks…can’t NOT get stoked…well…seeya! 

2. DFA1979 RETURN []
My goodness I’ve missed these guys! Didn’t realize how badly until I saw this article!

3. BEHIND FIFA WORLD CUP [LastWeekTonight]
If you’re not familiar with John Oliver’s new HBO talk show, get into it! It’s only been like, two weeks I think…but he’s already given some amazingly deep insight into area’s of our society that need change! Along with some wicked humor, his YouTube channel is worth the subscription…

GOTHAM [trailer] 

:: A new TV series, heading to Fox, about Batman’s city…before Batman. 
In which Ryan leaves the OC to become a detective and help raise young Bruce Wayne. I’m sold…which means it will probably be canceled by this time next year… 


// One of my favorite series, online projects, and actors, collaborating to make an episode based on the book that guides my faith, job, and life? Fantastic! I can already imagine all the worry this brings to some, but I for one cannot wait to watch this… 

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Contribute to the “RE: THE BIBLE” collab HERE!

Coffee & Multitasking v.134 

1. Band News 

Alexisonfire’s vocalist has announced a new band is on the way! Dallas, Wade, and now George…I’m all for these guys being more involved with music! []
As I Lay Dying, well…the band…has announced a new project on the way. Right after Tim Lambesis leaves a fake message saying that AILD will be reforming…awkward []

2. Late Night News 

Stephen Colbert is taking over The Late Show, since Letterman is retiring…which I didn’t know about. It’ll be weird to see Colbert switching styles, but “mainstream” TV desperately needs it. [
The Tonight Show online; Jimmy Fallon knows the importance of entertaining the internet. And if you haven’t already, he created a helpful video to get you onboard with their YouTube channel… [video]

Girl Meets World [teaser] 

:: Yup, it’s okay, my inner child is losing his brains…and I’m okay with that!

BEST OF: Seth Meyers on Weekend Update

:: As stoked as I am on Jimmy Fallon’s move to the Tonight Show, I’m also really excited to see Seth get his own show!

WalkingReview: S4E11 [spoilers]

:: Watching these on Mondays has become increasingly difficult. But writing lil reviews as I watch has sparked some sweet conversations with you guys online and IRL sooooooooo….okay that should be enough to fill up my Fbook status so people don’t see spoilers without ACTUALLY reading this…

- First impression of this new character; I really want to like him
"I’m the luckiest guy in the world…"
*opening credits*
- He’s efficient, that’s forsure. Could easily be another Shane or Governor type…
- Awe Michonne is Carl’s new mom :*
- There’s that whole “whoops forgot life has drastically changed” thing again
- I ship Rick + Michonne…is that how you say it…is that the thing? They should be a family…yup.
- He totally just checked out her butt…
- Rick get a new shirt already sheesh man, it’s the apocalypse not the end of fashion.
(when did his beard get so grey?)
- Is she seriously being that corny? hahaha
- Nasty others too, frick, why does Rick always come across the worst people
- creepiest forshadowiest paaaiiintiiing
- Neeeevermiiiiind totally wasn’t expecting that
- oh ma gosh Rick you’re screeeewed
…are they…really…yup…killed him for a bed…
- Three hours since the bus…so they’re like…a whole state over by now? Do I have any American followers that could topographically show me where Season4 is covering?
- These three are so stereotypical it’s ridic!
1. redneck with a mullet
2.  camo redneck with trucker stache
3. sassy under-dressed gal
- Fighting is not a silent thing, it’s not a silent thiiiiing!!!
Sidenote: I ate too many tacos/nachos
- Apparently in this scene where Rick jumps off the roof, Norman Reedus was mooning him through one of the windows haha
- I’m getting the impression that this “scientist” is a dingus
- $20 says Glen’s lesbian sidekick hooks up with this chick that needs pants
- aaand an evil grin from the mullet…good…just what we need
*phew* holy crap Rick…
- I’d like to have an episode where people just walk into each other and DON’T try to kill each other. Just like “hey” “sup”
- This is feeling more and more like an L4D game…and I like it


:: A couple months ago there were the rumors that the show would be returning with a new cast. Then those rumors were squashed. Then the series pops back up on Netflix. And now NBC reveals this…

"Guess Who’s Back"

WalkingReview: S4E8 [spoilers]

I’ve been dodging people all week to avoid having this ruined for me! All I know is that something big happens, and that I’ll have lots of emotions towards it. I know it’s war time…but it was last season as well so…

- Right away, so many lies. He’s always ready to whip out that big ol’ thesaurus of BS! One of the things I hate the most about the Gov.
- He LOVES her?!? Come OOOON!!!!
"because they aren’t mine"
- I really hope this all ends with at least one major character dying. One big enough to shake things up, change the scenery. This show was a lot better when they were on the road, or on the run in the city. I KNOW an apocalypse needs it’s “down time” where they rebuild a bit…but…television is also supposed to be entertaining.
- OH WOAH the big talk between Rick and Daryl! This is happening!
- He’s taking it a lot better than I thought he would, y’know, seeing as how his bf just exiled his gf.
- …actually, I kinda pictured him being understanding :/
- Drunk and Sasha are gonna hook up now?
- Oh yeah, they have a tank…
- Man you can SEE that Gov’s new “army” doesn’t want to be there. Situations like this make me cringe, why can’t people be humane!
- Oh, the tower’s gone now
- Remember when Dale used to sit on the RV? Those were simpler days…
- OH wow, wasn’t expecting Gov’s new “daughter” to die!
- I don’t know why I just don’t like that mini-Carol
"we’re not too far gone"


- look at that coward, hiding while he makes women fight against children
- the fence is down- SCREW AAAALLLL OF THESE PEOPLE!!!
- kids with guns kids with guns kids with guns kids with guns
- oh my gosh someone help Rick!
- You’re kidding me right…they’re baby did not get eaten…there’s no way
- and again, the zombies take over…
And after all of that, we say goodbye to the prison. Wow.
That was big enough to be a season finale. It feels a lot like when the farm was destroyed, and they all got separated.
I’m glad it only returns in February, I’m going to need a while to recover from this…

WalkingReview:S4E4 [spoilers]

House cleaned, friends over, pizza and rootbeer…just finished filling my one buddy in on what’s been happening the last three episodes. It helped me realize just how much each character has grown/changed since Season1. But I still miss Dale *sigh*

- oooh flashback…
- I wish Carol was my mom!
- That Hyundai is impeccably clean.
"pardon our dust"
- Michonne’s smiiiile :D
- 4377
- Is that friggin Abernathy Darwin Dunlap?!?
- It’s kinda refreshing to meet other survivors…specially one’s that remind me more of US (the viewers) reminds me just how much life can change. 
- It’s hard to remember how closed off and defenceless Carol was back in Season 1!
My Friend: I like how you can really tell that the world has become run down.
- Dangit I love when Daryl has his moments!
- It feels like this is all about how does this situation change people
- What? Really? Carol??
- WAIT! How is Daryl going to react???!!!

If you’re not watching Agents Of SHIELD what are you doing with your life? 

If you’re not watching Agents Of SHIELD what are you doing with your life? 

Coffee & Multitasking v.122

Looks like Disney’s second move, after buying StarWars, was to shut down the videogame side of the company. So now, instead of creating their own games, they’re going to have other studios come in while LA takes on more of a Producers role? 

Lots of details pertaining to the resurrection of Marvels beloved Agent of SHIELD, and how the show will be taking place after Avengers1. 

Guardians of the Galaxy [Concept Art]
Captain America: Winter Soldier [New Character]
Ant Man [Test Screen]