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ALIVIA by Stewart Schuster 

:: One of my favorite artists, explaining a life from her own perspective, that hits so many points which reflect my own… 

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"Expiration Date"
Team Fortress 2 short by VALVe

"Eat a Slice with Me"
A Documentary Short by Olan Rogers

:: He posted this right before new years, and I wanted to wait until we were a couple days in to share it with anyone that hasn’t seen it.
Think of it as a goodmorning, welcome to the new year, welcome to the new day, welcome to something new. Amidst all the “better me” posts, take this as a cup of coffee with life.
I started watching Olan and his buds in BalloonShop back in ‘07. It’s been really inspirational to watch him grow, and take a different path, than most “cewebrities”. Silly videos about snackpacks to cross country tours about pizza.

"Take My Picture" 

An interesting look into our world through the lens. How has an open lifestyle, one where everything can be seen online, churned out a society that is bent on constantly being at the forefront of…anything!
Whether you’re into fashion or not, try to take away the last bit of commentary from this…

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"SONIC" by BlueCure Studios 
A group of people (some familiar faces like AVGN) got together to create one of the best fanmade films I’ve ever seen!!! 

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"Stationary Life" by Collectif

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I really really like this :) 

Coffee & Multitasking v.100

WE DID IT!!! 100 Editions of “C&M” 
I honestly didn’t think that my blog would last this long. And I didn’t think it would take me 3 years to post 100 geeky news updates, but here we are! It seems fitting that we’re talking about subjects that are not only close to my heart, but things that we (as geeks) thought would never see the light of day…

ComicCon2012 is doing what FOX has been denying us for years; a special to reunite the cast of Joss Whedon’s little engine that could! 

The great folks at Machinima are finally pooling their resources to put together an official Halo live-action short film! 

3. PSO2 [video]
Sega is crawling from the grave to give us a sequel to (what I think is) their greatest contribution to the gaming community. Phantasy Star Online 2 is already available in Japan, and coming here next year. 

Now, is C&M something you guys would like to continue? Or are the bitesized, more frequent posts something you look forward to?

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Marvel short film ‘Item 47’


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Marvel short film ‘Item 47’

by Synthetic PictureHaus

A live-action interpretation of VALVe’s official webcomic!

LEFT 4 DEAD [fanfilm] 
by Airsoft GI / Impulse 67

And with that, the internet is complete… 

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The famous Anya (GoW3) cosplayer

Amazing Portal 2 fan-short!!!