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GEEKWEEK 2013: Day 2

E3 Day 2 Recap
- MegaMan is in the new Smash Bros! 
- The console war got heated
*apparently the price-comparison video was a fake :/
- IGN posted a great commentary on Destiny
- I spent the entire day at work looking for the MirrorsEdge2 soundtrack!
Overall: Nintendo announced a lot of our favorite classics being done up in pretty HD, while conspiracies about Microsofts connection to the NSA had a lot of gamers jumping ship! I checked out MGS5, and was very impressed. In the end I have to admit that Sony definitely won this year’s E3…

WWDC Day 2 Recap
:: I played catchup by checking out the entire keynote, reading reviews, and watching spec-trailers. So here are my thoughts; 
- iOS7 looks too much like something Android would do
- Couldn’t the new OS X just be OS11 ?
- I absolutely hate the new MacPro…it’s a garbage can…
- I feel like this was the year Steve wouldn’t have agreed with
Will I upgrade software, of course. Will I upgrade hardware, nope. 

E3 2012: Sony Press Conference

I haven’t actually paid attention to anything Sony has released at E3 since the launch of the PS2. And this year I really tried, but they made it pretty hard…

By now you guys should all know where I stand on morals and values, that being said, I can’t actually share the video with you due to excessive use of explicit content. That doesn’t even matter, cause all they showed were rehashed projects from studios claiming to show us something new. All I saw were games that already exist with new character skins, and the exact same gameplay characteristics. Granted that could be said about all the developers BUT Sony is really good at just one game…adventure/puzzle games like Uncharted…boring! 

The only thing that stuck out was The Last of Us. I love games that force you to become fully immersed in the environment; no soundtrack, no HUD, just you and the game.   

E3 2012: Nintendo Press Conference

After being pleasantly surprised with their cute lil pre-show video announcement, they followed up nicely this year by appealing to our inner-child. While Sony and Microsoft showed off their ability to get gritty with different adventure/shooter games, Miyamoto gave us a happier side to gaming. It was nice to see him (and Reggie) be silly and candid with the audience, treating us like fellow gamers and not just profit margins.

WiiU: It’s clear that this is what they are pushing! Keeping the console the same, and only adding a bigger library to their handheld line, it seems that the big N really wants the “U” to be their answer to Apple’s iPad. While Xbox and Playstation are still working with motion control, Nintendo is pushing forward…

Mario: He’s everywhere! I expected to see the regular names announced; Star Fox, Metroid, Zelda, etc. and while Pikmin was the game-of-choice this year, they decided to show off many different sides of the Mario franchise.

Games: Again, while others (like Microsoft) spent SO MUCH time doing boring playthrough’s on sequel after sequel after sequel it was nice to see Nintendo give us something fresh. ZombiU alone makes me want to purchase the device, and releasing Mass Effect 3 makes me want to hold off on playing it for my 360!

Nintendo Land: I think this is a fun take on an overused idea. Playstation has “home”, Xbox has “live”…both are ways of integrating some sort of social networking system into gaming. Both work, but you can tell it’s forced. Nintendo Land is exactly what they said it was “the only Nintendo-themed amusement park on the planet”. You can interact with your friends, AND play games, AND explore a world all at once.

Overall I think it’s nice that N isn’t pushing for the best graphics, or edgier characters, but simply giving their fans what they ask for. Whereas Sony and Microsoft are bent ontellingus what we want.


E3 2012: Microsoft Press Conference

I know I’m late to the party with this one, I had to work :P
I gotta be honest; not much is exciting me this year. There’s the obvious things that I’m stoked for - Halo4, Resident Evil 6, and the mysterious Gears Of War game - but it seems that this year they’re really focused on the non-gamer aspect of gaming…geeks should get that.
Even the new South Park game looks more interesting than the horde of random trailers that are littered throughout the boooring event. SO I’ll share my thoughts on the few things that stuck out to me…

Xbox Smart Glass: It seems counterproductive to create a product that can integrate their competition (i.e. iPhone) into their software. BUT I’m already someone who usually has my iPad in one hand with the controller in the other, so this seems like a natural progression for me.

Fitness: The ONE thing that makes me want to upgrade to a Kinect, is the idea of combining video games with healthy living.

Internet Explorer: Really? Do people still use that???

Usher: With the company hitting rock bottom after the music-game fad died, they’re now trying to push a crap load of dancing games by showing us that people as cool as hiphop artists play it! Right? …right?


E3 2012 [Day 0]
Halo 4: First Official Trailer

For their pre-show press conference, Microsoft released the ever-popular live-action trailer for the new Halo game. In a twist, it was blended to reveal all new gameplay footage!

My Thoughts: I’m SO happy to finally see where Chief ended up after #3, and I think it’s great that they’re expanding the story of the UNSC. The gameplay looks sleek, fun, and easy to adapt to. And the new characters (believed the be Forerunner’s) …yup…I approve! I’ve heard that they’re calling this the “Forerunner” saga, making the original trilogy the “Flood” saga…I’m okay with that :)

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Updated worldmap, and the full press conference…


Updated worldmap, and the full press conference…