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The music sharing site that started it all is finally shutting down tonight/tomorrow morning, and merging with Rhapsody. A moment of silence please for the website that forever changed the internet, and music industry.
2. GAMEPRO [Joystiq]
One of (if not the) most popular gaming mag’s is calling it quits. The November issue will be it’s last, while the website will be shut down on December 5th.

1. GAME of THRONES [BAdigest]

Seasons 3+4 apparently not only have the green flag, but will also shoot back-to-back!!!
2. XBOX 720 []
Here’s a summary of everything IGN knows/has heard about the upcoming system…
3. APPLE 4G [Gizmodo]
Word has it the iPad3 and iPhone5 will have 4G capabilities, sweet, hope it’s true.

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PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet by Fight for the Future

Today, Congress held hearings on the PROTECT IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), two bills that would give the power to the government and content owners to censor and block websites that host even just one piece of content that allegedly infringes a copyright.  The above video addresses the Senate version of the PROTECT IP Act, but a much more severe House bill was just introduced and is set up to pass soon if we don’t take action NOW.  These bills threaten the very essence of the web and the communities that have risen from it.

Please stand with us to fight this legislation geared toward stifling free speech and innovation online.

Visit to learn more and join the protest.