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"What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve" (cover)
by Aaron Jeffers and my friend Bonka!!!

Got to spend the last half of my Holidays with this lovely bunch…

Got to spend the last half of my Holidays with this lovely bunch…

A Holiday Week of Feasts…

I’ve got two groups of friends; my boys that I’ve known virtually my whole life, and the crew that I’ve recently gained through work/school. The best part about being me over the holidays is that both groups have an annual “family” gathering to ensure that everyone gets to see everyone whilst we’re all in one place at the same time.
This year, my boys put together a “Very Merry Dudesmas” to celebrate being men. Fine cheeses, meats, bread, wine, cigars, cognac, hockey, and pwning n00bs (haha). And the latter crew opted for a more traditional turkey dinner with all the fixens; eggnog, a bacon pile, wings, taco salad, Christmas cookies, stuffing, and all of us promptly falling asleep around a zombie movie.
This year was extra special, in that I was able to host both parties :) buuut now after 3 days of partying and eating…my body hates me, my sleep schedule is all thrown off, and I have a very messy house to clean.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Vlog #28: A Year in Review

We take the good and the bad and mix it together with some love to come up with a crazy life with which to share.

Happy new years everybody!!!