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Destiny | Future Content

:: See, see! I’ve been saying for a week now that ya’ll need to just remember what Bungie initially said about all the content they’ll be eventually releasing. But nooo everyone had to get all fussy and freak out two weeks into the game! 

Pokken Tournament [trailer]

"The sun will burn out before anyone fully explores No Man’s Sky" 

…that’s a quote from one of the dev’s at Gamescom’14. 
1sec on each planet, would still take billions of years to complete. Guh. That’s the kinda stuff that my nerdiness was born from; dreams and aspirations of expanding our lives in ways that seem ridiculous. 

HALO NEWS: New Spartan + Upcoming Shows

Coffee & Multitasking v.129 

We get to finally see Fox’s interpretation of Quicksilver…and it, is, horrible! 
And Toad is back…for some reason. And those Sentinals still don’t look right. So, Empire’s really not helping them regain any traction here. 

So apparently at the end of yesterdays award ceremony, the super group of Trent Reznor, Josh Homme, Dave Grohl, and Lindsey Buckingham took the stage. Only to be cut off halfway through by CBS for commercials. Just another reason why these awards are completely irrelevant to this generation. 

3. MALEFICENT [trailer
The Angelina Jolie live adaptation of the Disney animated classic just got a great title song, and my “yes” vote! 

4. TO MAKE YOU SMILE [FrenchChairs] 
At first this looks sad; a school being held under a bridge. But then I start to think of the two teachers going out of their way to share, and the kids going out of their way to learn! 


Sony just announced that (instead of connecting with Marvel) they want to expand their Amazing Spiderman universe into three movie franchises; Spider-Man, Venom, and The Sinister Six. 
I’m very excited about Venom finally (hopefully) getting the treatment he deserves. But I have no idea how they’ll turn an all-villain-team into a movie…interesting. 

E32013: Destiny [demo]

:: To quickly add my two cents (to IGN’s commentary)…I like that Bungie hasn’t strayed too far from what worked with Halo’s FPS dynamic. I also am drooling over the MMO-loot/share/customize feature. AND AND AND the fact that you can be strolling through the sandbox world, and all of a sudden find yourself in “public events” where you can join up with other players/teams and take place in raid-like battles. This game seems to have it all, and even with all of the Xbox One’s problems…this paired with Halo5+6 has me sold. 


:: Here’s a much simpler, cleaned up overview of everything that happened today with Xbox.


:: I’ll be posting my thoughts on the reveal at the end of the day, once I’ve had time to look over it all. Until then, here’s the trailer…

Coffee & Multitasking v.121

We now have another reason to hail Valve as the best name in gaming; project “early access” will give Steam users the ability to buy a game still in the beta stages. Much like Mojang did with Minecraft, this will give fans the ability to play while the game is being developed! 

2. DEADISLAND2 STORY [trailer]
DI1 was a near-perfect zombie experience (aside from too many useless/annoying quests) so I wasn’t that interested in a sequel. But seeing how the characters are now being brought back into an ongoing storyline…I’m interested! 

Now, I haven’t paid attention to the whole FOXHOUND storyline since MetalGear3, but, I’m one of those gamers that’s been on the sidelines watching the story unfold…and this interests me! 
First there was the [trailer] back in 09.12 announcing the return of Solid in MGS:GroundZeroes (before MetalGear:Revengeance even hit shelves).
Then at the SpikeGameAwards there was the haunting [trailer] for an unknown game called “Phantom Pain” (that people immediately started calling a new MG game). 
Now IGN has posted an interview with an alleged star from PP in which he “accidentally” leaked a connection to MGS…some are even speculating that the interview itself was faked using CGI (I think it gets crazier than that…) you can checkout all their thoughts on it [here]. 
WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS? Or are you like me, and have completely lost track of the whole MetalGear time/storyline?

IGN’s History Of: Gears Of War 

- Trying so hard to get geared up for tomorrow’s release. I’m friggin stoked, there’s just so many other things happening in life right now it’s hard to remember things like this *shudders at the thought of getting old*