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2013: Day 43

Today was a day of rejuvenation…

I reacquainted myself with the good people over at VICE and their many documentary series. playing through my earbud at work I explored North Korea, visited the Westboro Baptist Church, and learned the rich history of unsung tattoo heroes in America.

It inspired me! I spent the afternoon editing stuff and working out details for a few concerts. And when I got home, I sat down with my sketchbook and soaked it all in. Days like this are needed about once a month, where I learn rather than teach…

I also got to make taco’s for a bunch of rad students. Always fun!

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"While I Was Away" Edition

1. ACTA [info]
Even I couldn’t get away from the tweets about SOPA’s predecessor. I did my part by sharing a few helpful links, but honestly I was on vacation so I didn’t look into it.

The next game in my favorite zombie-shooter series released a trailer! Stoked!

3. WINTER X GAMES 2012 [footage]
Not as cool as the summer edition, but, the first ever snowmobile frontflip was pulled, that’s rad!

Might be canceled; Terra Nova, House, Fringe, Community, CSI Miami (and more)
Not coming back; Chuck, Desperate House Wives, One Tree Hill (and more)

5. LOCAL MUSIC [YouTube]
My favorite acoustic cover artist, Elana, posted her take on Bright Eyes “first day of my life”

A local tweeter pointed out to me that DC is coming out with a series of prequel-comics, with each member having their own book. I’m happy to hear that co-creator Alan Moore isn’t pleased.

What else happened last week that I haven’t talked about? Favorite stories? Anything geeky?

Today on the Internet://9

In retaliation to the media sharing site Megaupload being shut down, the hacker group “Anonymous” went on a tangent! Hacking, corrupting, and eventually shutting down the official sites of; the FBI, Motion Picture Association of America, Recording Industry Association of America, Universal Music, and the American Justice Department…WOW!
This is by far the largest attack the group has ever constructed, and they made their point very clear; “Largest attack ever, crippling government and music industry #megaupload”
They livestreamed everything [here]

If you’re not sick of it yet (I’m getting there) a little girl named Juliet starred in what I’m calling 2012’s first viral video.

via: vimeo

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet by Fight for the Future

Today, Congress held hearings on the PROTECT IP Act and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), two bills that would give the power to the government and content owners to censor and block websites that host even just one piece of content that allegedly infringes a copyright.  The above video addresses the Senate version of the PROTECT IP Act, but a much more severe House bill was just introduced and is set up to pass soon if we don’t take action NOW.  These bills threaten the very essence of the web and the communities that have risen from it.

Please stand with us to fight this legislation geared toward stifling free speech and innovation online.

Visit to learn more and join the protest.

Today on the Internet://8

I may be Canadian, but if this passes in America you can bet it’s coming our way…

"Today, Congress holds hearings on the first American Internet censorship system.
This bill can pass. If it does the Internet and free speech will never be the same.”

I’ve already shared with you the repercussions of Bill S.978, but seeing as today is “American Censorship Day” I thought I’d do my part to spread awareness of how insane this is. This is a perfect example of how the rich rule, corporations have the power, and how we’re all considered nothing to those (really) in charge.

If you have a Tumblr account click [here] to access a special page to help express your concerns to your representative.


Tom Morello on “Real Time” w/ Bill Maher
*warning: some mild cursing near the end*  

Normally I’m not a fan of Bill’s (mostly for his stance on religion) but the combination of two of my heroes, Tom and Michael Moore, brought some real/raw words to the show. 
Now obviously I’m not American, but I think the facts that are coming out hold true for us on a global scale. More and more we’re seeing how people are getting fed up with how their government is treating them. We saw it in Egypt, in Wisconsin with the union workers, we’re seeing it in Libya, you could argue that it happened in London, and is now taking place in New York. 
I think the interesting thing is, and maybe it’s so obvious it doesn’t need to be said, is that all these problems seem to be the same no matter where you go. Those in charge, are doing a crumby job, and as unemployment goes up with stories of hunger and homelessness…more and more you’re going to see desperate people do desperate things.

A strong thing to take note of is that these aren’t all angry college students protesting and causing trouble. If you pay attention you’ll see these are middle aged men and women fighting for the simple right to survive. While the rich get richer the poor get poorer.
Something my dad and I will always disagree on is the voting system. I think we’re in need of change (one could go as far as to say I think it’s pretty much useless). And like Moore says at 2:28 “do we write to congress” and when she replies “vote” he says “for who, tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber?”
GET INFORMED. We are living in an age of lazy excuses, and while I am blessed enough to live in the middle of Canada, where we have it so easy…I’m smart enough to see that, and to see that change is on the horizon for everyone. Listen to Bill at the 2:00 mark, where he talks about people being outraged that Netflix raised their prices. Take note of this…you, the people that make a stink when Facebook changes it’s layout, or complain that we have to pay more to sit in an air-conditioned building to watch multi-billion dollar productions on a 3D screen with our mounds of food. Did you act when those in power turned you into an obnoxious, greedy, slave? Or did you act because your hockey team lost?  

Now, I’m not saying burn everything and kill the police. I stand firm in the belief that we should respect those in charge. I love the work that the WinkCity Police do for us at The Bunker. But let’s remember to not let ourselves get lazy, to stay informed, and to always walk in love. 

Libyan community protest in Dublin (by Tomasz Szustek)

My 1300th post; a message to everyone to always stay informed, lend a helping hand, spread the love, be aware, and stand up!

Libyan community protest in Dublin (by Tomasz Szustek)

My 1300th post; a message to everyone to always stay informed, lend a helping hand, spread the love, be aware, and stand up!

Crisis in Libya

I’ve been at my parents for the past few days, where I don’t have much time/access to world news and events, so when I got home my news-feeds were full of rather shocking updates! 

I hate admitting that I’m not entirely sure what’s all happening, and from what I’ve read it looks similar to the civil unrest that was going on in Egypt. However there seems to be one major difference; where Egypt’s Government left the peaceful protestors alone, Libya has decided to simply slaughter them all! 
That being said I’m trying as hard as I can to figure out what’s going on, inform myself, gain knowledge. Then, spread it, which is what I’m asking of all my readers…

It looks like the UN will be holding an emergency meeting this morning to try and come out with a game plan (lets pray they can help the situation). If you’d like to read about how the UN Chief has been talking with Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi click the link below…
» click here 

Gadhafi has been in power for too long, and Libya’s people simply want justice. The result is that peaceful citizens are being murdered in the streets, their homes, and in [hospitals]. Even as I type this I’m reading of military helicopters making bombing runs through suburbs killing women, children, families………..

It was touching to see peoples readiness to help Egypt, and with this being such a similar yet far more deadly situation, I pray that as internet-toting North Americans we can at least get informed, and spread the knowledge.  

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9:30AM (local time) the two largest ISP’s (Vodafone & Etisalat) came back online!
» click here
However, riots are still going strong, with supporters on both sides getting violent…on camels.
» click here

The snow is still raging for our American friends, while up in Canada it’s just another Wednesday :P lol
Seriously though, have you scoped the pictures coming out of Chicago? It looks like a scene from The Walking Dead or something… 
» click here 


Aljazeera Network: March in Egypt LIVESTREAM << click

1 Million people marching in protest happening right now! Get informed!

*Due to copyright and distribution restrictions, not all viewers will be able to access all our video services. 

Injustice in Egypt

If you haven’t heard yet, the Egyptian government has been taking steps to control the flow of information within the country. As what seems like a last-ditch, all or nothing kind of move, they have literally shut down the internet in the entire country. 

"In an action unprecedented in Internet history, the Egyptian government appears to have ordered service providers to shut down all international connections to the Internet…every Egyptian provider, every business, bank, Internet cafe, website, school, embassy, and government office that relied on the big four Egyptian ISPs for their Internet connectivity is now cut off from the rest of the world.” -
click here

"In the heart of Cairo, people were being beaten with sticks and fists and demonstrators were being dragged away amid tear gas. Witnesses saw security forces harassing journalists and photographers." -
» click here

"After blocking Twitter on Tuesday and, intermittently, Facebook and Google on Wednesday, the Egyptian government has upped the ante, throwing a complete Internet access block across the whole of the country. Additionally blocked are Blackberry service and SMS.” -
» click here

It seems as though the public has had enough of their leader, and the leader has had enough of them. Twitter and Facebook accounts that have not yet been deactivated are pouring info onto the web as fast as they can, so get informed, and spread the word as best you can. And if you’re thinking what I’m thinking “who has the right to shut down free speech?” just remember that in the US companies like Google are vying to gain control of your online capabilities. This, is just the next step. 

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I need a break from Cataclysm so my carpel-tunnel can calm down - edition

1. First lvl85 in WoW
I don’t think this should be counted as legit; Europeans got their hands on Cataclysm 8 hours before Americans. Nevertheless Forscience is the boss now!
» click here

2. Google Chrome OS - Hands On
Gizmodo gets their hands on the new operating system…
» click here

3. Wikileaks Arrested!
If you haven’t heard of the manhunt for the Government-secret-spilling website creator, then you NEED to get informed. 
» click here

4. NEW Daft Punk Music Video (for Tron)
Only viewable if you live in the US…but hopefully someone pops it up on YouTube STAT!
» click here

5. Two Movies to Keep Your Eyes On
» Judge Dredd remake
» Robot Boxers

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1. US Airforce build supercomputer out of PS3’s???!!!
At least it’s good for sooomething…
click here 

2. Interpol vs Wikileaks
Shortly after releasing hidden info on the US Govt. the founder of Wikileaks has become part of a worldwide manhunt. Like something out of a movie, he is also being pinned for sexual assault, which has turned many in the public against him…coincidence?
» click here

3. Walking Dead fires ALL writers!!!
It’s being called the best show on TV, just got picked up for a double-sized 2nd season, and they celebrate by firing everyone??? uh oooh…
» click here

4. Check out the LAST Buffy “episode”
To catch you up; seasons 1-7 were on TV, season 8 was turned into a graphic novel, that season is now over and with the movie remake happening it looks like they won’t be returning for a season 9.
» click here

5. Starcraft on the iPad
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Another post today to show you guys some of the worlds most die hard geeks…

MMORPG Frankenstein:
» click here

Windos95 on an iPad:
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S.Korea midnight-internet ban:
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