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via: newsweek

For those that thought the SOPA blackout was a waste of time/effort.

via: newsweek

For those that thought the SOPA blackout was a waste of time/effort.

Daily Thoughts…

*phew* What a day! Seriously, I sat down with my morning coffee to checkout how SOPA was trending…5hrs later I’m part of a goldrush to find, post, retweet, and share any/all information. It was nice to learn with so many of you.

THEN we had another dudes night out to celebrate one last time with the College Crew before we all head our separate ways *sniff*.

I lost a few followers from my #sopastrike spam, but that’s okay. I take that as a sign that you choose to support internet censorship. In which case I don’t want you dirtying my feeds anyway.

NOW it’s 1AM and I’m chatting with a couple of SuicideGirls about possibly going for coffee during my trip to BC next week…which is a sentence I never thought I would type out :/ hahaha

PS. Chuck Norris doesn’t need a viable plot to make a movie enjoyable!
PPS. Oh and I tweaked the layout a lil bit :P


In 30mins I’ll be joining the STRIKE TO STOP SOPA (internet censorship bill).

*EDIT* If you can read this, it means the blackout javascript isn’t working. I’ve been having difficulties with it :(

I know it doesn’t mean much, coming from a tiny blog like mine. And the fact that I’m Canadian protesting an American act. But every person needs to help out in any way they can, even if it’s just spreading the word.

With companies like Google, Mozilla, WordPress, Minecraft, Wikipedia, and Reddit protesting by shutting down for the day you have to recognize that this is serious.

Want to join the protest? CLICK [HERE]
Not from America? CLICK [HERE]


Holy moly. We did it — at least for now. The House Judiciary Committee looked certain to vote for the Stop Online Piracy Act today.

Instead, because of the work of so many rank-and-file Internet users, the bill’s lead sponsor acknowledged that our concerns are legitimate, and adjourned the committee without holding a vote!

An email I received today from
There’s still more to be done, next year the PROTECT IP act will be brought to congress.
Let your voice be heard [here]