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2014: Day 203 

:: I see you night bloggers… 
I see you writing about your sadness. How lonely you feel. 
I see you feeling confused. Not knowing what to do next. 
You’re not alone, night bloggers. 
You’re not alone, people scrolling through Facebook at 2am. 
You’re not alone, Tumblr peeps.
Why do we all act like we’re the only one’s going through it. 

Coffee & Multitasking v.140 

Goosebumps: The Movie [
Jack Black is RL Stine, and the monsters in his books are real…
The Hobbit Part 3 [
Titled “Battle of the Five Armies” 
Pirates 5 [
Yup, Jonny Sparrow in “Dead Men Tell No Tales”

2. DOTA2vESPN2 [
Now I know this is old news already, happened last weekend, but having the International DOTA2 Championships aired on a national sports television network is groundbreaking and historic for all of gaming! 
Regardless of what incoherent, inconsiderate, and ignorant people splurge onto Twitter…it’s a good thing. More and more, digital works are being recognized. Because, y’know, we kind’ve live in a digital age…

3. YOSEMITE BETA [Mashable
Watch the preview for Apple’s first attempt at releasing an operating live for public testing! 

2014: Day 202 

:: What else would I be doing at 12:09… 
I have fallen in love with track riding. About a week ago I got into another near accident on my bike, with a motorist who I will assume is ignorant to rules of the road. So I moved onto the bike path that circles the city…but of course it was littered with pedestrians, who of course have giant strollers (and who of course don’t stay on their side). 

BIKE path…side WALK… 

Being fed up with nearly breaking my neck every time I try to enjoy a peaceful bike ride, I remembered that my old highschool has a pretty smooth track that goes nearly untouched all summer! So for the past week I’ve taken up heading over there when the sun sets, putting on some tunes, and riding for an hour or so. The result is a physically exhausted, but spiritually fed Hebby. 

It’s like meditation in motion. 

2014: Day 200 

:: A day with many, all on my own… 
Church was exceptional, combined with exceptional company and coffee. Brunch with my folks was amazing. But the muggy heat made me actually appreciate having air conditioning. I spent my afternoon working on a video project to commemorate my brothers final concert with his band (which is uploading right meow). 
Dinner alone - Philly cheesesteak - accompanied by my sketchbook and the movie “Snowpiercer”; a film so odd I have to write a review on it tomorrow. 
Once the scorching sun set, I hit the roads for a bikeride. Perfection. 
Shower beers, Titanfall, and making plans with a babe is the the only way to end a day like this. 
Goodnight weekend, you were good to this intro/extrovert. 

2014: Day 198 

:: Sleeping with a full stomach and full heart…
Spent the day with students in Winnipeg at the lasertag arena.
Highways make me sleepy.
So does too much pizza and sodapop.
This evening didn’t totally pan out, so I caught up on drawing/watching/cleaning.
I’m excited my boss is back from holidays, I’m excited for tomorrow’s concert, I’m excited for Monday.

2014: Day 196 

:: Day loading out…
I’m excited at how this summers vibe drastically changes from “chill” to “hectic” back and forth each day.
Getting to sleep in, enjoy lunch and go over plans for future talks, get some editing done and check out some new inspiration. Then suddenly it’s planning and thinking and going and doing and finishing things to make room for others.
Changing prescriptions on my eyes has kicked my butt. Headaches and nausea all day. Not to mention this weekends catering gig has me feeling nerrrvous.
I’d love another Monday, or evening reading at the coffeeshop, or sitting round the fire with friends.

What’s your go-to this summer?

2014: Day 195 

:: Owe… 
I made breakfast for kids in the morning, and bbq’d hotdogs for them all afternoon.
Then I got new glasses, and hungout at the coffeeshop all evening. 
This new prescription is giving me a headache…off to bed… 

2014: Days 192/93

:: beargen's bachelor party weekend… 
Packed two cars, hit the hotel, hottubbed, ate our fill thrice over, got turned around on the roads, watched some movies, laughed, cruised, slept, danced (haha), shopped, and overall did this weekend right. 
Another one puts a ring on it. The second time I’ve gone through a group of friends being married up…
And the WorldCup final, which was, ugh. Messi - dude - my heart was crying for you. You deserved that win. I really hope it doesn’t tarnish his overall awesomeness by not winning that game… 

Now it’s back to the real world. 10mins online and I already see how peoples lives have changed over the last 48hrs. Already reminded of talks I’ll be having, coffee I’ll be sharing, things that need to be worked out. 
Friends, I may duck away from the real world from time to time, but it’s only to regroup so that we may better function in the long run. 

2014: Day 189 

:: I keep thinking it’s Friday… 
My boss landed safely in Puerto Rico, I spoke at our bonfire session tonight, replaced my spazzed out iPhone5S, ate some preeetty decent food. Yup, today was a good day. 
If there’s one thing I would want to leave you with today, it’s that if you have an opinion don’t let others opinions sway yours. Stay true to yourself, unless of course facts state otherwise. Be humble, but firm. Plant your feet, but soften your heart. 

Who decides what matters and doesn’t matter in your life? 

2014: Day 188 

:: Today, from start to finish… 
Spent my morning making breakfast for a bunch of rad folk. Sat around eating bacon and pastries, talking about silly things we’ve noticed in our lives. 
Spent my lunch talking about relationships, and opinions, and passions, with one of our interns. The differences, the similarities, our pasts, and why we do what we do. 
Spent my afternoon bbq’ing hotdogs for dudes at the skatepark. Handing out drinks, giving high fives…I’m gonna like hanging out there this summer! 
Spent my evening at the coffeeshop. Reading, writing, listening, gathering thoughts and combining them with experience. 
My two week old smartphone decided that it wants to start shutting itself off…needed a dozen hard resets today. 
And it rained, briefly, very hard…when I needed to bike home. 
Some things were good, some frustrating, some insignificant, some life changing. As each day goes by I care less and less for remedial, trivial, time consumption, and crave more soul-feeding. 

And it’s different for each one of us. It has to be. If we all experienced the same life…this would be a rather boring thing to go through…

2014: Day’s 184/85/86

:: Well that was a weekend… 
I received a few messages from readers saying they’re bummed that I haven’t been posting as much. And while I’m stoked that you guys are avid, I just want to remind you that during the summer I’d rather go out and live, than stay in and stare at a screen (for the most part…some days…haha). 
Okay, so, Friday: It was our first Friday Event of Summer’14, and to keep it light I took some peeps to Meadow’s for minigolf. We ended up getting rained on, so we figured “might as well get soaked on bumperboats!” After a few icecream sessions with different friends, I ended up helping beargen move into his new place. To commemorate the occasion, I picked up a few pizza’s (naturally), a case of brews, brought out he ol’ pipe, and played some Settlers! 
Saturday: Double family fun! My Mum insisted that I hangout for brunch while watching the Argentina/Belgium match. AND my Dad returned from his bike tour to Anchorage. Luckily his buds took a lot of photos, and captured some gopro footage, so I’ll be putting together a video for them (which I’ll obviously post here). Spent the afternoon cleaning the house with the roomie. Like seriously, 4hrs later, spotless. And I was lucky enough to spend the evening with a babe, eating pizza, watching fireworks and lightning, sharing life, being hunted by lil boys with bike bells…
Today, Sunday, was chill. I woke up eeeaaarrrrly morning with woodticks in my hair, so it was kinda tough to fall back asleep. Ended up sleeping right through church. And since the next two weeks are going to be pretty intense (with my boss on vaca) I figured I should spend the day being selfish. Ended up playing like…4hrs of WoW, bbq’ing with the family, and puuuushing myself on a ride around town! Now it’s midnight and I just witnessed a giant robot shark fight a megaladon…so…goodnight! 

2014: Day 183 

:: ___ ____ ____ _____ 
Went into today thinking we would be bbq’ing for 12hrs. Turned into four, then the interns boiled Sprite…
I helped beargen move into his house. Overall the day wasn’t epic, was tiring, but leaves a weird taste in my mouth. 
I biked home, with every intention of just heading home. But my shuffle came across some long lost Kings Of Leon tracks and - have you ever had one of those moments where it feels like things pause for a moment. Suddenly I can do anything on my bike, suddenly no one is around, suddenly the only thing in the universe is me on those two wheels with that soundtrack. Your hard work paid off. Your stress has been exhumed. You’ve been given some time to tuck away out of existence and just…be.
This has been a different kind of week. A set-myself-apart kind of time. When I’m home I’m meditating. When I’m at work I’m contemplating. When I’m with others I’m constantly examining their words, searching for ways to simplify whatever situation we’ve found ourselves.
The last three days have my heart begging for peace and quiet, for solidarity within productivity. For, something, that maybe the weekend will bring.
Next week is always something new…     

I just realized that we’re already halfway through 2014… 
It sometimes still feels like we’re in 2012. And I still catch myself writing down “2013” - I think this morning calls for reflection on what’s gone down since January. Lots of growth, lots of lessons learned, lots of new experiences. This year feels like more of an inward year, when in comparison to last years outward expressions towards others. 

I just realized that we’re already halfway through 2014… 

It sometimes still feels like we’re in 2012. And I still catch myself writing down “2013” - I think this morning calls for reflection on what’s gone down since January. Lots of growth, lots of lessons learned, lots of new experiences. 
This year feels like more of an inward year, when in comparison to last years outward expressions towards others. 

2014: Day 181 

:: Happy Canada Day… 
So today was all over the place - Hungout with my Mum in the morning, making brunch and watching the Argentina/Switzerland match. Lots of food, lots of shouting. Hungout with a bud I hadn’t seen in a while, smoking pipes and catching up on life. These days I crave the ability to hangout with someone without actually having to say/do anything…
beargen returned from Iowa, and we helped break into his newly purchased house (haha). Afterwards; learning new cardgames, more food, and more catching up. Overall a good day with good dudes, but it was missing something…
Maybe it was the fact that every town in the area canceled their Canada Day plans due to extreme weather. And then, we had a perfect evening. I mean pristine, like, crystal! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not huge on the actual celebration. It’s just a great excuse to get together with friends, bbq, and watch fireworks! Then I saw online a bunch of cool peeps gathering in Wpg, and it’s like “dangit Winkler/Morden, get it together” haha. But, from an organizers perspective, they did the right thing. Oh well, there will always be more opportunities :) 

Also tomorrow (Wednesday, July 2nd) is our first BIBLESxBONFIRES session at The B (8pm). I’m really hoping people come hangout. We’ve got this amazing gal speaking on her life, and how she wants to help us revive the Womens Ministry - that and - I really friggin miss so many people that I only see at Bunker events. So if you’re reading this, come down and spread the word! 

Daily Thoughts…

We live in MB, where a lot of people talk about moving out West. 
This summer has been pretty grey, much like the West.
And a lot (a LOT) of people are wasting their time complaining about the rainy weather. 
…are we not aware of how ironic that is? 
Happy Canada day - I friggin love where I live, no matter what the weather is like. Because I’m capable of creating something with my day, through the freedom that this awesome area affords me!