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2014: Day 112 

:: One of those days, that feels like two days… 
Up early enough to just lie in bed and enjoy five blankets for an hour. Breakfast with a friend, always the best. Conversations about life, another great thing. Figuring out how the two are connected, a fun thing to do in my head. 
A great lunch hour at the highschool with an empowering group of students, and a tiny Puerto Rican. Finally got to try the schools top-notch kitchen…ribs…so good. And the message shared with the group, a simple question; “why”. I think it was more inspiring at how no one could (wanted to) answer. When really it was supposed to be an insanely simple question that they could all shout the answer to…
Making taco’s one last time for students in the afternoon. Packing that up for the summer so we can unpack our bbq. 
Booking it to Winnipeg for the evening for some of the best pizza with an old friend. I needed a simple night, no big plans, no deeper meaning. Just pizza and laughs. 

2014: Day 111 

:: Great start to the week… 
Up at 6am, breakfast / two epi’s of Xfiles / lil bit o’ sketching / house cleaning, all before 9AM. 
Lunch with a couple amazing dudes, all graciously and surprisingly paid for by another amazing dude. 
I love watching lives change for the better… 
Spent the afternoon toiling and scheming *shifts gaze around the room*
And the evening with a group of people being impacted by a more brutal/real side to the “Easter story”. 
Life is good. 

2014: Day 110 

:: I slept through Easter Church service… 
So you know the day was off to a good start. Thought today was going to be one of the weirdest days. Just…didn’t like it from the get-go. But I shook that off, headed to my parents for brunch, aaand enjoyed it. 
A pedal around town with the boys turned into short skatepark hangs with some of my students. And man, I am so stoked on this summer! It’s such a good feeling walking into a situation that’s good before you even start working on it. Like, it doesn’t need work…it’ll be rad without you…you’re just along for the ride :) 
And I beat Super Metroid! I honestly can’t remember the last time I did that…90’s dude…
And then it started raining, so we opened all the windows. Which got me feeling nostalgic, so I popped in more Metroid (Prime this time, for the GameCube). And I don’t work tomorrow morning, so it’s late, and the house is chill. And all those uneasy feelings have been shed. And I’m tinkering with ideas that get me stoked on growing and learning from mistakes. Cause dude…I make stupid mistakes so dang often! Either I’ll say something awkward, or do something no one understands, or just straight up be confused by my surroundings. That, or knowingly do the opposite of what I should do. So, I hope no one is currently beating themselves up for mistakes…cause I’m supposed to be a mentor to kids and I still make plenty! Pobody’s nerfect amiright! 

2014: Day 109 

:: I woke up at noon… 
Spent the afternoon trying to figure out who is using my Netflix account (still haven’t, if you are, stop being a ween). But mostly spent my time battling through Super Metroid some more! The goal is to finish it this weekend :P 
Got together with a bunch of friends and saw “Transcendence”. Mini review: It’s good, you can tell it’s the Directors first time. He definitely worked with Chris Nolan (haha) and is trying to mix a number of styles…but he should’ve just stuck with one. First time in a long time that I was paying more attention the holes rather than getting engulfed in the story. Just wait for the download. 
Overall, nice weekend. Church tomorrow, night! 

2014: Day 108 

:: Yesterday, Good Friday… 
Work was closed, and it was Super Metroid’s 20th anniversary, so I made an epic brunch and played SNES all afternoon! 
Family dinner, even more Mom-made-food-awesomeness! Mini sticks hockey with the Raddest Nephew, too much chocolate, and movie night (Secret Life of Walter Mitty). 
Got home around 10:30, played more Metroid, asleep around 3…I think… 
A perfect rainy day filled with good food and good faces. Watching my parents flip through old photoalbums helped remind me that those things need to happen more often… 

2014: Day 107 

:: I started today feeling optimistic…
My head hurts, and I’ve been super sleepy all day. Got caught up on SHIELD, and got a lot of work done. But it’s still been a “blah” day. Not in a negative way, just a…could’ve gotten more sleep, being physically wrecked is mentally draining…kinda day.
I DID get groceries though; pro food, con shopping. And that 10k ride in cold wind wrecked my throat :P
I posted a new vlog, go find it!

2014: Day 106 

:: Today I said “screw it, I’m laughing at everything”…
I hope people didn’t ACTUALLY think that I was just sitting at my desk all day typing up Fbook statuses. Like…really…typing one up takes literally 5 seconds. And a big part of my “office hours” is monitoring/interacting with community life online. So…urrybody chill…yeesh!
I spent the day booking rentals, shooting a massive potato gun with kids, hanging out with kids while they act like goofballs, sitting through an important Summer Program meeting (see The B’s website, seriously, really good news!) editing Semester2 content. 
Yeah, good day. 
There should be a vlog popping up some time tonight as well. I just had a lot on my mind/heart today, and it came out in different ways. Working on finding new ways to express myself, be honest with myself, be open with others. Finding new layers to these things called “life” and “faith”. And by exploring my own life’s options, soaking up inspiration, and then passing it onto others, I’m able to see just how amazing life CAN be (but sadly isn’t for most because they just…don’t…get…life…) 

As much as I tell people to grow in knowledge (read more, attend lectures, write out your thoughts, etc) I think it’s equally as important to work on gaining a basic sense of how to function. It’s alarming how many intelligent people are belligerent to do’s and don’ts. 

2014: Day 105 

:: I approached today at a slow pace… 
This time allowing myself to sleep through my alarm. Giving the day to the Lord before even rustling the sheets. 
Meetings in the morning, tacos in the afternoon, pipes in the evening. 
Plans with Moms to bring a craft show to The Bunker. Making dinner for students. Planning renovations with a friend. 
And smack dab in the middle; coffee and like minded conversation. 
The more I feel like I need to retreat from society, the more I find myself getting stoked on others ideas. Inspire me, tell me a (your) story. Show me what makes you tick, make me feel it, show me you believe in it. 

Make your purpose, to find your purpose. 

Parents often ask me “What do kids even DO online?”

:: So often scrolling through my feeds I’ll see captions such as; “this is a _____ blog” meaning that the person (often a “young” folk) has dedicated their page to a certain vibe/feel/look/etc. 
Parents; if you’re teen listens to Arctic Monkey’s, watches American Horror Story, and loves Starbucks, they probably run a “pale” blog hahahaha (and when they hit their 20’s it will drastically turn into a gore/satanist blog…with pizza). 
This morning, a pic popped up with the caption; “band, landscape, porn blog”. Right away I thought…yup, that about sums it up… 

The internet is a thing. If you’re letting your kids have unlimited access to mobile devices, what the frick do you expect? 

2014: Day 104 

:: Today felt like two days… 
Had the morning off, but still got up at six. Made breakfast, cleaned the house, did laundry, and watched the new GoT, all by 9:30AM *thumbs up*
I refuse to share my opinion on this episode, solely based on the fact that people have completely forgotten how to not be rude. 
Spent the day at work talking conspiracies, upcoming events, life, and catching up with old students. A lot of people are going through a lot of things…we shouldn’t go through things alone. 
Also, people waste a LOT of…stuff! Time, money, experience, opportunities, resources. Taking a second to get “green” here…why do some people insist that a good time must consist of straight up waaasting things taken from the Earth that cannot be replaced!?! 
Why must a good time consist of things that kill your brain, your relationships, your reputation, your life. 
Why must we continue to destroy ourselves…for…fun? Entertainment? An evening of not being bored? 
INSTEAD try just…I dunno…expanding yourself!?! Learn more, read more, write out your thoughts! This whole subculture of being loud, obnoxious, rude, crass, and just straight up low-IQ is…so…….guh……I’m…..ugh….. 
I love people, I do. I just hate how stupid they are capable of being. MOSTLY…because i used to act like that. I look back, or I look at them, and I see my old self, and it bums me out a little. I get riled up, get angry, get passionate, because I care…and I just want people to live better lives! 

2014: Day 103 

:: Today was warm, in and out…
The new President of my old College led a rousing one-sided discussion in Church this morning. I say discussion because, in my head, I was talking to him as though it were just us in the room. Challenging, inviting, engaging, with a hint of salt. 
And brunch, oh boy brunch. So good. Good grief. 
Today’s lesson; be accepting of help. Kids, when someone wants to hook you up with something, don’t block their ability to bless you with your pride. Free does not equal shame. 
People get far too embarrassed over nothing. Sometimes literally nothing. Just enjoy life, and if you make a mistake, admit it and move on. Anyone that holds it over your head is lying to themselves to keep their own embarrassing memories at bay.
We also huddled over pizza for our first meeting of the next trip to Puerto Rico! Cannot believe how awesome the potential team is. Cannot believe how stoked I already am. Cannot believe how much pizza I ate.
Oh, and I’m rep farming again in WoW. It’s so cool to find new things like this to do. It’s like playing the game from the start all over again! I saw a meme that said WoW will help you keep your virginity for only $15 a month…made me think…videogames still get far too much flack. Especially for a medium that is becoming worldly recognized as not only an artform, but a way to bring whole communities together. Videogames raised $3000 for our ministry. They’ve helped me meet dozens of new friends around the Province. They’re things that I hope to pass down to some small being someday. 
Anywhoozle. isn’t it ironic that all these people online hashtag “singlelife” when they are so incredibly unapproachable EITHER because they’re intimidatingly good looking, or, set the wrong standards so as to inadvertently come off snobbish. Maybe killing some n00bs online would soften ‘em up?
I need a good bike ride. And a good milkshake. And I haven’t been posting much on IG because I’ve felt visually uninspired. Or maybe mentally over-saturated?

This post is too long. 

2014: Day 102 

:: Today was productively chill…
Went for breakfast with the Pastor and the roomie. Talked shop…so…life.
Spent my afternoon running errands, getting more caught up on SHIELD (episode 12!!!) and rediscovering my ‘splorin abilities in WoW.
Also worked a rental, nothing major. Just a short setup/teardown. BUT it’s good income for The B, and keeps me on my toes.
And sadly, tonight was the final public lecture from Prov College. It’s been a fun five weeks, and tonight was really really inspiring!
Pray my car makes it to a gas station in the morning haha!

2014: Day 101 

:: Yesterday was so rad… 
Spent the day with so many people, at work, in the community, a part of my life. We had our big Spring Fish Fry to raise money for The B. More people than we ever had for something like this. 400lbs of fish later, and we’ll be able to do some awesome things this summer with kids in our community! 
The other half of that is, The B was still open afterwards until midnight. Normally we open up, a few people stuffed with food waddle in and chill out over coffee. This time…full building with new faces wanting to check the place out! I’m all for it, but had to pound some caffeine just to keep up! 
Which brings me to a thought; I’m so incredibly thankful that I’ve been blessed with the ability to function no matter what time it is. I overheard someone only a year older than me boasting about how they were able to stay awake until midnight. Another conversation I overheard, was two people not much older than me talking about how having coffee or an energy drink at 10pm means they won’t be sleeping that night. Meanwhile I’m over here with 4 cups of java a day, an energy drink almost every night, not only being blessed to function and work at the oddest hours, but lead groups of people through events and activities. This is me boasting in God’s ability to equip, not my ability to be immature :P 
But, at the same time…ya’ll need to live a little more haha 
Also, in the end, todays lesson was on humility. Every goal I achieve is for a greater good (which is not myself). Every rule set in place is for a reason. Every reason should be studied thoroughly. And if someone passes on knowledge, being an adult means listening, not jumping to conclusions. 

Daily Thoughts…

:: Identity formation seems to be one of those things that we all understand takes place, but for some reason totally forget about it when we’re the ones experiencing it. 
It’s like everything else in life; we love to point the finger, except when it’s in the mirror. 
This becomes a problem when, you’re not dealing with something like…how to not park your car like a douche, or, how to not shmucks your food when you eat in you’re dealing with your very being. 
Every part of us goes through stages of stages. Every so often, we hit a point where the different dimensions of ourselves need to grow, learn, be worked on. ID formation helps us become the person that we’re meant to be. But to get there, we have to go through periods of time where we aren’t the person we want to be. It’s like puberty of the soul. 
I’ve always found that going to people who have experienced these stages is the best way to get through them. Not get answers, but get through those times. There is no special way to just snap our fingers and make things disappear…even adding Jesus to your life means you have to work through things, you just have God working through it with you. 

Be more accepting of yourself. Be aware that others DO understand. Be in your situation, not looking back or worrying ahead. 

2014: Day 100!

:: Wow, I forgot today was the big one-oh-oh…
Hmm, so, how did I spend today? Continued the weird routine I’ve picked up of waking up at 6, cleaning up, then passing out from like 7-9ish. Waking up feeling like I was hit in the head, body shaking, unaware of how long I’ve been out for. 
Work was good, really good. A lot of good talks lately, and projects coming along at a good speed. I always get semi-nervous around our big annual events, cause part of me doesn’t like the “older people” side of my job. Where we have to dress nice, turn down the music, and present our cause. I like being the guy who hangouts and gets grubby with the masses. 
I also started putting serious thought into how we’re going to finish off the school year. I very much want it to be a time of everyone getting together and really thinking about how much we’ve all been through over the last eight months. I know there will be some that kinda shrug it off, but, oh well…
Also it was Manda’s birthday today! So poutine, beers, and Madmen was a must! I really can’t stress enough how much I dislike “special” days that our society celebrates. But, any excuse to get together with friends over good food is cool with me! 
And late night chats with friends you haven’t connected with a while…that doesn’t happen as much anymore. Something about growing older…something about priorities changing…something about life still needing to be lived. How badly do you cling to people just to have them in your life. How long can you go without contact without having your friendship dented. 

Anyway, after spending 100 days in 2014 I’ve learned a few things; being positive is fun, being optimistic is great, being real doesn’t always mean you need to be either of those all the time. That, and according to my friends I need to stop pursuing women, and let one pursue me for a change? Something like that, I’m sure I got that wrong…which is another thing I’ve learned: I’m never wrong….wait…that’s probably…oh nevermind!