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I Finally Finished “Avatar: the Last Airbender”… 
And you guys! The feels! This was just supposed to be a fun cartoon, nobody prepared me for that!!! 

I Finally Finished “Avatar: the Last Airbender”… 

And you guys! The feels! This was just supposed to be a fun cartoon, nobody prepared me for that!!! 

Coffee & Multitasking v.97

In a recent interview the legendary Director unveiled that from now on he will only be working on either Documentaries or Avatar sequels. 

Marvels biggest blockbuster has become the #1 “Opening Weekend” movie of all time, beating out Harry Potter 7 Part 2. Superheroes > wizards!  

The Factions [IGN]
All the different races are splitting into 3 factions to take on the NPC Imperials. 
First Screenshot [GameSpy] 
It doesn’t look groundbreaking, but it looks good.  

Coffee & Multitasking v.50!!!

1. Mac App-Store Grand Opening!!!
As promised, today is the launch of Apples app store for their Mac lineup (iMac/MacBook) I’m starting my download ASAP!
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2. Bungie Proves They are the Best…Again
For the month of January (and possibly longer) Bungie has released a new game varient called “Community Slayer”. Inside gamers will find map/game types forged BY gamers! Proving yet again that Halo is so much more than just a game about shooting aliens.
*No link this time, just a celebration of a great game by a great studio.

3. Your 360 Avatar Just got Creepier…
This spring Microsoft is launching Avatar Kinect. With it, your Kinect scans your facial features and uses the information to render lifelike details on your Avatar. This means they’ll be able to smile, furrow their brows, and make other gestures similar to the player.
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» click the image for a short interview with the queen of aliens

» click the image for a short interview with the queen of aliens

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Everyone’s freaking over the Batman 3 title!
Seriously, my dashboard is full of posts, geek sites are going crazy, forums are stacked…it’s nerd-pandaemonium! Nolan revealed two key things about his third and final Batman flick; it will be called The Dark Knight Rises, and it will NOT feature The Riddler. Personally I’m not a fan of the name, and I really wanted to see a revamped Riddler. Your thoughts?
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Avatar 2+3
Cameron announced the his next two movie projects will indeed be sequels to the biggest movie of all time, and they will be in 3D.
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Halo was almost an Apple game?
Turns out Apple was Bungie’s first choice, but Steve Jobs turned them down. Soon after he decided to take them up on the offer, only to find out Microsoft had stolen them away. Can you imagine a world where Halo wasn’t on the Xbox?
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MySpace makes a comeback
News Corp. has announced that their revamping MySpace, the once king of social networks. Overall it looks great, and I’ll probably start paying more attention to it again (it was controlled my life haha) but there are certain aspects of the article that lead me to believe tycoons from California have no idea what’s happening outside of their state…
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Coffee & Multitasking v.33

1. Star Wars: Clone Wars
Yet another TV show I need to finish! I’m knockin them down one-by-one, slowly. I like to have one “real” life drama matched w/ an animated show. Right now is Lost & RvB, but very soon I’ll be jumping over to MadMen and CloneWars. Recently Lucas released the Season3 trailer (@Comic Con)
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2. Gaming on a Mac released and editorial on the state (and future) of computer gaming, by focusing on one of my favorite things in the world; the iMac.
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3. Avatar Sequels
It’s about Avatar, so I have to post it!
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4. Avenger Villains???
Who do YOU want your favorite Marvel heroes battling in the 2012 movie release?
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Avatar Review [spoilers???]

16 years…that’s how long I waited for this movie; 16 YEARS!!

It was the movie season of 92/93; Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park were the biggest things going, and oddly enough need to be talked about for this review…BUT…James Cameron, upon completion of T2 made an announcement saying that he was starting a project so massive, so immense, that he was giving himself a timeline of roughly a decade to work on it. And to put a cap on all our nerdy anticipation he refused to divulge any info until the movie was complete.

That being said, there is NO WAY I can give justice in this tiny blog-review. I’m not even going to attempt to persuade you as to how big of a deal this was for me (16yrs). And yes, if you read the review on Gizmodo you’ll see some similarities:

So, going back to T2 & JP in 92/93 or what I call the year of movies. See for my generation the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and the T1000 enemy in Terminator 2 were so life like, so amazingly done that we forgot we were watching something created by a computer. Those movies forever changed how movies were made and to not respect their impact is simply retarded. That’s how I feel Avatar is for this next generation of movie goers, however I sadly think that won’t be the case as most of the kids in the theater when I saw it were spending 50% of the time texting the friend sitting beside them :P

Visually this movie completely blew my mind. I was expecting to see something new and challengingly-stimulus for the eyes, but every show/frame had so much life and character that it was like taking a deep breath every time there was a new cut. And no, I’m not talking about just jamming the screen with as much crap as possible I mean actually showing us a new world, a new vision, a new universe that is believable. What I mean by that is; when I go see scifi movies I automatically have this notion in my head that if the director is creating a new world it has to be as epic as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Why? Because I think everyone can agree that those movies were the alpha and omega of movies…anyway…when I heard this new world “Pandora” would have new creatures, eco systems, and intelligent life I was geared up for some serious judgement on my part. Cameron fully delivered, that’s it. The story was so powerful I was moved (and yes it’s Dances With Wolves in space with sweet technology). Most importantly I didn’t find myself thinking “wouldn’t that be cool if that existed” every five seconds because while I was watching it, I was there.

I should also talk about the 3D experience. Yes it was amazing, yes it totally helped make the movie that much better, but it didn’t MAKE the movie. If you don’t get a chance to see it in 3D don’t feel left out. Also if you get motion sickness easily click the link to this site on how to properly watch 3D movies without getting sick:

I’ve said enough, and can’t say enough. There are some movies you just HAVE to see if you consider yourself a fan of movies: LOTR, T2, Jurassic Park (1), Titanic, The Matrix…and now Avatar.

[what are some movies YOU think are a must?]

Daily Thoughts 17.0

- Exam #2 cruuushed…I definitely should have studied more :S

- 5 final assignments back. Two A’s two B’s and one B+ YAAYUH

Quote of the day: “This is a very well written paper. I feel, though, that it ended too quickly…perhaps this is because I enjoyed it, very good” - my media prof talking about my awareness paper on Twitter

- Last exam is tomorrow at 11AM; Media & Communications

- Christmas shopping is being pushed back to Saturday because I can’t afford to make 3 trips into the city this week (I’m going in on Sat already to see AVATAR)

- Today will be spent cleaning and rotting my brain with obscene amounts of BSG and WoW to numb the pain of studying

The Avatar Overload Begins!


I saw the trailer for James Cameron’s epic masterpiece that will undoubtedly explode my mind! It played right before the Inglorious Btards, so obvs go check it out solely for that 2mins of gold!

I now have to post everything I can find on this movie to show you…aaaaand GO!


After years, and years, and yeeaaars of waiting (seriously, like 10 years) we finally get a sneak peak at James Cameron’s movie “Avatar”…sort of.

For some reason Ubisoft has released a few screen shots from the Wii video game. Though these shots are limited, they come with background story for the movie. Those that aren’t nerds need to realize that we (nerds) have been waiting since shortly after Terminator 2 came out for this movie. And since then, Cameron as well as everyone else has been boasting how big and awe-inspiring this movie will be…is already.

Here’s the link to IGN’s cover story: