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Coffee & Multitasking v.137 

// So much nerdnews happening within the next two weeks, so here’s a video and a picture - edition! 

1. StarWars set photos, Apple gaming software, and more… 

2. WoW 2004 vs 2014 

WWDC 2014 

:: Normally Apple unveils it’s yearly conference the same week as E3, I guess this year I wasn’t paying attention. Therefore, I completely missed out on todays announcements, so here’s some catch up… 

Coffee & Multitasking v.136 

I wasn’t at my computer at key moments this week so here’s some news to catch up on…edition! 

1. READING RAINBOW RETURNS  [request]  [reaction
Yesterday, Levar Burton posted to Kickstarter stating that he needed $1mil to bring the show back! Not only as a webseries, but as a *free* teaching tool for schools. Essentially, he wants to help kids all over the world learn to read, for free…the response from the public was that he reached his goal in just one day! 

So not only did Dr Dre sell Beats to Apple for a couple billion bucks, they also acquired the CEO of Interscope Jimmy Lovine. Whiiich in turn opened up the spot for Fueled By Ramen’s co-founder Jack Janick to receive a bit of an upgrade… 

Much to the Directors chagrin, he released some more info about the film. I understand why he doesn’t want to; the internet has ruined so many good films with spoilers lately. But at the same time, I’m glad I know a little bit more about it…  

PBS Game/Show hooked us up with another great instalment. This time looking at the evolution (and future of) the FPS… 

OS X Mavericks = FREE

"Apple has just announced the latest version of OS X, 10.9 Mavericks, will be available as a free download…today" via The Verge

:: Welp, looks like I know what I’m doing tonight! 

5s vs 5c 

:: I’ve been getting messages all day from people wondering which I’ll be getting (or at least, which one I prefer). To be totally honest, I kinda like the idea of the iPhone5c :/ 
It’s still better than my 4s, and I’ve never liked the idea of something (that should be) as simple as a phone, being so bloody expensive! Honestly though, I’m still holding onto my original iPhone, and don’t have plans to upgrade my current one any time soon (come to think of it…my plan might be up anyway) 

And for those that will ask; If I grabbed a 5c it’ be white, and if a 5s, black. 

via: The Verge

JOBS [trailer]

:: This comes out…next…weekend…
I have been suppressing every ounce of excitement within me, all summer.