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Coffee & Multitasking v.21

Not a lot of good news in the media today; 3 deaths and some awful movie approvals. From TV; Gary Coleman passed away yesterday, from film; Dennis Hopper, and from music; the bass player of Slipknot (sorry don’t know his name). 
And once again out of Hollywood, tons of franchises are being rebooted, respun, rehashed, and puked back out onto the public… 

Young Prof X in X-Men movie reboot:

From the director of Kick A$$ with the star of Wanted, Fox Studios is going through with their intent on having an X-Men prequel on in early 2011. It’s set to be an origins story…sooo I’m guessing this will be called simply X-Men Origins, or X-Men Origins: Xavier???
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Thanks @danie-gee for pointing out that I’m a moron and forgot they already chose the name X-Men: First Class…which is still lame.  

Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman might get movies after all:
DC is coming around on the idea of having all their main characters star in blockbuster movies…meh.
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Michael Bay set to ruin TMNT:
Who keeps letting Bay make movies? Seriously! First he had to destroy the Transformers, not to mention the horrific force of Megan Fox that he unleashed on the Earth. Now he has to destroy one of the most sacred memories of my childhood? Nothing is safe…
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PoP movies gets Lego game treatment?
They turned a game into a movie into a toy that might become a game again???