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"Bottoms Up" 

New WoW:Warlords of Draenor models!!! :: MMO Champ showed off some of the upgrades coming with the next expansion. And, well, I’m hoping this will finally put to rest that whole argument that WoW looks “too cartoony” 
Check out the rest of the model comparisons [here]

New WoW:Warlords of Draenor models!!! 

:: MMO Champ showed off some of the upgrades coming with the next expansion. And, well, I’m hoping this will finally put to rest that whole argument that WoW looks “too cartoony” 

Check out the rest of the model comparisons [here]

2014: Day 15

:: As I’m typing this we’re being pelted by a storm that’s a mixture of snow and rain…yeah. So it’s cold, yet, slippery, icey, and windy all at once. I hope no one’s trapped out on the highways :/

TODAY though was a blast…
Spent some time with the good folks over at Something Digital; they hooked me up with an OS for my iMacG3 and are giving me an eMacG4!
Theeen off to work, coffee and banana bread (a must). Did a bunch of editing, updates some features on our site - but most importantly - started some conversations that could lead to exciting events in the weeks to come! It’s a little insane to think that I’ve almost got the next 5 months totally planned out!
Hmmm then it turned out to be early dismissal for students, so I opened up early and spent the afternoon playing AoE2 and eating pizza with them. Came home to take advantage of an empty house for the evening; cleaned, did dishes, sorted some more stuff for the thrift store, and finally hung the art that’s been sitting in my closet since I moved in. Capped the night with some Halo4 multiplayer, a very interesting episode of Xfiles, and AeonFlux on Nflix!

PS: Artist netfriends…how can I get my hands on your work? My goal is to fill a rather large wall in my house with pieces from people I admire.


:: My friend Alex just reminded me that I haven’t talked about this yet!!!
Who else is losing their freaking mind (I know I did last Friday when I was first shown this)
I tried getting into LoL and failed miserably…mostly because of the major immature/rude attitude I received from “established” players. I’m all about community in online gaming, and if I can combine my Blizzard experience into this…frick…I’m sold!

World Of Warcraft: WARLORDS OF DRAENOR [trailer] 

:: Did I miss something, or did Blizzard just drop the new expansion without warning?!? DRAENOR we’re going to flippin DRAENOR!!! 

2013: Day 63

A typical Canadian Monday…

Went to sleep to moderately appropriate spring weather. Awoke to a blizzard :/ spent my morning digging my car our and clumsily trying to get from point A to point B.

Started the writing process for my first sermon evarrr (which will be on March 24th so if you’re in the area come check it out!) aaand I’m way less nervous now that I’ve gathered a few pages of notes. Still wanna barf at the thought, but hey, it’s progress.

Work in the evening was…dead…but we wanted to be open for anyone that was looking for refuge from the snow. And it helped that the lovely ladies over at Jonny’s Java hooked us up with some coffee, seriously, angels.

PS: Just finished the newest Walking Dead! So. Good.

2013: Day 50

Another snow day…

Spent my morning with my family, at my brothers house. There were waffles with raspberry sauce, mounds of bacon, coffee, kitchen hockey with my nephew, and a slideshow of my parents vacation.

The evening was spent at my parents, watching Skyfall. I just got it for my dad (for his bday).

I managed to shovel the walk, progress in a couple games, and even workout a few details for some concerts. Overall great day off.
The whole long weekend was pretty perfect. But it’s a little sad reading all the Fbook statuses of people stranded from vacations they had planned for this week because of the blizzard…I really hope they can salvage everything and have fun regardless.

I’m hosting a LAN party at my place - if you play WoW or Diablo3 pop me a message so we can meetup online!


I’m hosting a LAN party at my place - if you play WoW or Diablo3 pop me a message so we can meetup online!

2013: Day 24

Another whirlwind day…

Got into work, boss says he’s taking us out for lunch, end up driving 1.5hrs to next city to grab some Mongolian chow. On the way back we get swept up in a blizzard, but still got back in time to eat cheesecake and hot cocoa with students :)

I also started a new class today. Oh, did I forget to mention I signed up for another class (my first one post-college). It’s on understanding adolescence, and after one session I’m already stoked. I’m the youngest one, and only one still deemed as an “adolescent”. The group is made up of a couple moms (who’s children are mostly around my age…) another youth pastor, and us Bunker dudes. It’s nice to have all those different perspectives in the same room. We got to bounce ideas off of each other, and I got to share with a mom how her kid shows her one side of life, and guys like me get to see a completely different side.
Also, one of the ladies turned out to be my dentist from when I was 10!
Overall it just feels good to be fed some knowledge again. I missed twirling my pen in hand while listening to a smarty-pants tell me about life :)

And then…and then! I get home to discover my wild ramblings have come true!
Kay, see, when they announced StarWars7 I told my friends I wasn’t happy, but would fully support it IF they got JJ Abrams on board. And so, it appeaaaars that has happened. Things this nerdily awesome just don’t happy…it’s like when Joss Whedon was named the director of The Avengers!

2013: Day 19

For some reason, no matter what screensaver I use, it burns its image into my screen…which is the opposite of what it’s supposed to do!!!

We had another “blizzard” today, or at least, when I woke up it was a whiteout so I stayed in and played MassEffect3 all day. It’s actually 3AM right now…I’m so hooked haha

Had another meeting for our Mission Trip to Puerto Rico this summer. Still doesn’t feel like I’m doing this, but I’m trying hard to get myself into that mindset.

A nice, relaxing, snowed in Saturday :)

2013: Day 12

I couldn’t post lastnight, cause technically I didn’t get home until 5AM…
Yesterday was pretty perfect; snowed-in morning with bacon, coffee, and my awesome roommate (who first shoveled the walkthenGAVE me his collection of comicbooks). Played videogames all afternoon, then went to the LivingWithLions/TitleFight show in Wpg. THERE I got to see so many friendly internet faces, and some lovely people I haven’t seen in a while :)

Yup, perfect day.

2013: Day 11

Our first big blizzard of Winter!
Work was still jumpin, and I only got stuck once on the way home…briefly (thank goodness for 4x4 in my new vehicle!!!) It’s snowing SO hard and the roads are SO icy and the drifts are SO high…and yet our city STILL doesn’t clear the streets. I’m always blown away by how lazy they are, but this is ridiculous. A zamboni driver doesn’t clear the ice when the games over and everyone has left. He does it during the game’s intermissions, as soon as everyone’s out of the way. So right now, 2AM, the roads are clear of cars (except for the ironically stuck ones) sooo now’s the perfect time to clear the roads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I’ll be pretty brokenhearted if this stops me from seeing Title Fight tomorrow. Funds are so tight right now (like…can’t afford groceries kinda tight) but I still scavenged up enough to get a ticket. I have to make it…

I’m kinda weirded out by how open I’ve allowed myself to be with these once-a-day posts, but I’m okay with that.