Cataclysm: My First 24hrs

I know I know…another WoW post :P I promise this will be the last *cough*fornow*cough*

Like 90% of gamers I made a Worgen, and like 90% of Worgen’s I made a Rogue.
I was able to hit level 22 and gain my mount ability “Running Wild” (Worgen don’t get racial mounts) all while staying within the borders of Gilneas and Darkshore. I’m not a huge fan of the leather armour, or weaponry so far, though I think it mostly has to do with how it looks on my character. I love the ability to transform back into a human, and run around the Stormwind humans like nothings different. 
Here’s a spiffy pic, and yes, he’s wearing a top-hat.


I really like the Worgen storyline; though I’m not a fan of phasing (much like the DeathKnight starting zone) I love how much the environment changes, and how your brought up from a peasant being whisked all over the province, to a Wolf-man saving your King. The interaction with the elves is also great, and how the Worgen are kind’ve taken under their wing. It adds so much to the Cata storyline, and helps the player understand why the elemental changes happened to Azeroth.

I’ve been able to interact with far more vehicles, and in my first few hours of playing the first Level 85’s were awarded. I’m really excited to fly in the old kingdoms, and I can’t wait to see how the Worgen fit into other storyline’s, like Humans or Drenai! 

For the Alliance! 

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