Friday afternoon in Stonewall 


2014: Day 233 

:: Thursday, August 21st… 
Things are starting to wind down. These last two weeks of of summer are very needed. While physical things (like bbq’s, and summer program events) wind down, mental things (like working on schedules for the new season) start to ramp up. I enjoy getting out of the sun a few more hours a day, and being able to sit at my desk and talk to people. Plan things. Write and read. 
Last weekend I spent with the babe. Looks like I’ll be spending this weekend with her as well. We’re a good team *high five* 
If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted our outtings online…it’s because we’re having too much fun for me to remember to pull out my camera…and I’m very okay with that! 

I can remember being in the first grade, taking these weird tests in school to determine how well I could read/write/focus/etc. And in the end, the teacher telling me that the outcome had determined I was very sharp but had something called ADHD. And while she smiled at me, I could tell it was meant in a debilitating manner. I went through years of Ritalin, arguing with parents, students making fun of me, teachers not understanding…but most of all…me not understanding myself. I felt weird, like because I had all this pent up energy, there must be something wrong with me. I loved making silly faces, blurting out strange phrases in strange voices, imitating things I found amusing…I liked being the class clown! 
I had imaginary friends, I’d dance down the sidewalk…I had these characters I created, that I would act out at random times. I was a pretty strange little kid… 

Now, when I was around the age of seven, my parents popped in a movie called “Fern Gully”. And while the premise was interesting, the sidekick character (a scientifically modified bat) was my favorite. He was like me…but y’know…a cartoon with wings. 
Then I heard that bat was in another movie, where he was a genie! I was still rather new to Disney movies, and had no idea what an “Aladdin” was, but if the energy of that character now had magic powers…I needed to see it! 
So I got wise, kept my eyes pealed for the actor who played these characters (this was before I could just Google or IMDB anything). All of a sudden that voice would pop up on tv, in commercials, and in other movies. That voice, the voice. Sometimes booming, sometimes tiny like a mouse. So much energy, so much flavor, so robust and commanding. And when I finally saw a movie called “Hook” I got to see the man behind the voice…
Everything about him made sense to me. His gigantic smile, the way his eyes lit up, but most of all…he was weird! HE WAS STRANGE LIKE I WAS STRANGE!!! There I was, a little dude feeling like no one got me, watching a grown man that was just like me. Suddenly I wasn’t alone, or misunderstood, I just hadn’t found anyone else like me yet. The world opened up a little bit more… 
The cherry on top were the films “Jack” and “Jumanji” - both stories of misplaced childhood. One featured a boy who’s body aged like that of an adult, the other, a boy trapped in a game wherein he never really gets the chance to grow up (normally). 
I was a child, learning about myself, through someone I had never met. Before any sort of mentorship in my life, before finding faith in Jesus, I was a kid that looked up to Robin Williams. 
Initially I didn’t want to share my feelings on his death. There are so many brash and rude posts littering the internet, some that even upset me, and I didn’t want to just add to the noise. But looking back, one thing his life showed me, was that I wasn’t alone. So I dunno…maybe someone will read this and have the same realization I had back in 1992. 
Anyway. As I got older, my tastes grew with his collection of movies. Looking back at college, it was “What Dreams May Come” that played in the background over and over, while I studied to open up the world a little more… 
Now I’m in the mentor’s chair, working in a community center where strange and weird kids come for acceptance, and advice. I’m still the same guy, that weird kid still lives on, I don’t think he’ll ever go away (nor do I want him to). While his movies were entertaining, and his jokes made me laugh…I’ll remember him as one of the first people to help me in life…and I wish I could thank him for it. 


Pierce Brosnan vs Jimmy Fallon in Goldeneye64 on the Tonight Show 

:: Well, there’s something I didn’t know I needed to see! I can only imagine the inner boyhood freakout he had at the end haha…I would’ve lost my marbles! 

…like the archer, discovering that although he has hit the bull’s-eye and won the prize, his head is on a pillow and the sun is coming in the window.
"Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert M Pirsig

Daily Thoughts…

Life seems to be a constant struggle between those that just don’t quite get it, and those working with it. 

When one creates, the other destroys. When one reads, the other reacts. When one shows understanding, the other is ignorant. 

Given the situation, every single one of us fluctuates between the two…

BUNKERMIN ON IG :: I’m now running two accounts… For the Bunker, I’m mostly going to be regramming things you guys post under the tag #bunkermin from different events (with the occasional video to show you what’s up). 
via: bunkerministry

"To start off the new season, we’re stretching our grasp on social media" 



:: I’m now running two accounts… 
For the Bunker, I’m mostly going to be regramming things you guys post under the tag #bunkermin from different events (with the occasional video to show you what’s up). 

via: bunkerministry

"To start off the new season, we’re stretching our grasp on social media" 




You guys…I get to date her 😍



You guys…I get to date her 😍

2014: Day 228 

:: Saturday, August 16th… 
Spent my day pulling some extra curricular OT at work. This chill team from Wpg came out and pulled a skatedemo at the Pineridge Skate Plaza, and I setup our trailer to serve a butt ton of hotdogs! Then me and some of the dudes from the B met up and watched Guardians again!!! But…I ate too much candy, and now my stomach kinda hurts kinda… 
There were some other plans that were kinda up in the air today that ended up not panning out, but with the craziness of this week, I’m learning to just roll with it. Bumped into my buddy Mark, known him since I moved to Wink, but haven’t really seen him since I left for college. Turns out he’s still as into gaming as he was back in the day sooo it’d be so rad to connect him to our upcoming gaming-program on Mondays *fingers crossed*. 
Also my buddy is out of the hospital!!! It’s not really my place to talk about it, but he’s been in there for like two months, and seeing him today was just so good. It’s like, the past 24hrs have been a mishmash of seeing people I haven’t seen in a while and I looove that! 

"The sun will burn out before anyone fully explores No Man’s Sky" 

…that’s a quote from one of the dev’s at Gamescom’14. 
1sec on each planet, would still take billions of years to complete. Guh. That’s the kinda stuff that my nerdiness was born from; dreams and aspirations of expanding our lives in ways that seem ridiculous. 

The last time I saw this man, was…2002 I believe…KENGO!!! Japan to Canada, highschool to manhood. 
[instagram]  [vscogrid]

The last time I saw this man, was…2002 I believe…KENGO!!! 
Japan to Canada, highschool to manhood. 

[instagram]  [vscogrid]

2014: Day 227 

:: Friday, August 15th… 
Throat has been pretty swollen for the last few days, so I opted to dose up on NeoCitrin and tea, and sleep till noon. 
Loaded up the B van and took a bunch of students out for a day of minigolf, bumperboats, and icecream! 
Lauren came down, and we headed to Altona for a friends coffeehouse social. Such coffee, much music, so good. 
And I FINALLY got to see Kengo! After twelve years (he’s from Japan, and came here when I was in Grade12 on a foreign exchange student deal), he was only out for a few days and it just so happened to be a ridiculous week for me. So great, I can’t wait to see the photos that he snapped of all of us back together again. Kengo man, if you’re reading this; I love you, and wish you all the best in life! 
I love my friends, I love good musicians, I love reunions, and the affection I’ve been shown this past week. The last five days have kinda been hazy - the insane lack of sleep, sickness, and playing major catchup at work has just be straight up weird. So thank you to everyone for tonight, my soul needed it <3 

What are your thoughts on what's happening in Ferguson? — Asked by Anonymous


I’ve typed out a response three times, and deleted it each time. 
This world is killing itself, we’re killing ourselves. Over what? Personal opinions? It makes my heart hurt, my soul cry. 
None of this is new, and I’m an extremely blessed man to live in Canada. But at the same time, I’d be naive to think it won’t grow here as well… 
More and more our real-life is turning into those barbaric scenes from movies. I just went on a trip to America, and I can honestly say I was uneasy at times. I also just realized that if I went into detail on that, I could be monitored, and arrested for posting something online. Isn’t that a crazy thought? 
We’re living in 1984, we’re living in V for Vendetta, we’re living in an age where some will be scared…some will be ignorant…some will fight back. 
My prayers and thoughts go out to those in Ferguson, and the reporters who are (seriously) risking their lives to (try) and report what’s going on. 

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor [cinematic] 

:: A release date, and we finally get to see how Garrosh affects the timeline! This is going to be a brutal expansion…