Happy Bday Samus! 

Happy Bday Samus! 

2014: Day 107 

:: I started today feeling optimistic…
My head hurts, and I’ve been super sleepy all day. Got caught up on SHIELD, and got a lot of work done. But it’s still been a “blah” day. Not in a negative way, just a…could’ve gotten more sleep, being physically wrecked is mentally draining…kinda day.
I DID get groceries though; pro food, con shopping. And that 10k ride in cold wind wrecked my throat :P
I posted a new vlog, go find it!

"Inspired to Inspire" by Nathan Yoder 

"Monument Valley" by USTWO 

:: A beautiful testament to the understanding that videogames are art, they are storytelling, they are more than just Call Of Duty… 

"Love Empire" the New Album by Hope Atlantic

:: Go checkout the new, and sadly final, album by one of my favorite local artists from Winnipeg! 

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Vlog39: here’s a thing about stuff that I don’t know nor really care… 

2014: Day 106 

:: Today I said “screw it, I’m laughing at everything”…
I hope people didn’t ACTUALLY think that I was just sitting at my desk all day typing up Fbook statuses. Like…really…typing one up takes literally 5 seconds. And a big part of my “office hours” is monitoring/interacting with community life online. So…urrybody chill…yeesh!
I spent the day booking rentals, shooting a massive potato gun with kids, hanging out with kids while they act like goofballs, sitting through an important Summer Program meeting (see The B’s website, seriously, really good news!) editing Semester2 content. 
Yeah, good day. 
There should be a vlog popping up some time tonight as well. I just had a lot on my mind/heart today, and it came out in different ways. Working on finding new ways to express myself, be honest with myself, be open with others. Finding new layers to these things called “life” and “faith”. And by exploring my own life’s options, soaking up inspiration, and then passing it onto others, I’m able to see just how amazing life CAN be (but sadly isn’t for most because they just…don’t…get…life…) 

As much as I tell people to grow in knowledge (read more, attend lectures, write out your thoughts, etc) I think it’s equally as important to work on gaining a basic sense of how to function. It’s alarming how many intelligent people are belligerent to do’s and don’ts. 

Dear Internet…

Hey friends. So, I’ve been having a bit of fun over on Facebook this morning. I’m sure you’re all just as sick of all the useless Upworthy posts as I am. 
The best part of it all, is when a classic Facebooker comes along and just straight up doesn’t get it hahaha 

You know the type; people that wouldn’t understand a joke if you explained the punchline to them. Those friends that read a headline and assume they know the whole article. Family members who ‘share’ something we just “have to see to believe”. 

IRL trolls… 

Some think I’m wasting time, some think I’m just bored…guess they don’t understand what I do for a living… 

A lot of people hate Facebook for these kinds of interactions. Not me, I love it. It herds all of that nonsense into one area, leaving the rest of the internet for those that get life to roam free! 

You should own a handmade pipe from my good friend Chris…the Prairie Piper!

You should own a handmade pipe from my good friend Chris…the Prairie Piper!

2014: Day 105 

:: I approached today at a slow pace… 
This time allowing myself to sleep through my alarm. Giving the day to the Lord before even rustling the sheets. 
Meetings in the morning, tacos in the afternoon, pipes in the evening. 
Plans with Moms to bring a craft show to The Bunker. Making dinner for students. Planning renovations with a friend. 
And smack dab in the middle; coffee and like minded conversation. 
The more I feel like I need to retreat from society, the more I find myself getting stoked on others ideas. Inspire me, tell me a (your) story. Show me what makes you tick, make me feel it, show me you believe in it. 

Make your purpose, to find your purpose. 

Parents often ask me “What do kids even DO online?”

:: So often scrolling through my feeds I’ll see captions such as; “this is a _____ blog” meaning that the person (often a “young” folk) has dedicated their page to a certain vibe/feel/look/etc. 
Parents; if you’re teen listens to Arctic Monkey’s, watches American Horror Story, and loves Starbucks, they probably run a “pale” blog hahahaha (and when they hit their 20’s it will drastically turn into a gore/satanist blog…with pizza). 
This morning, a pic popped up with the caption; “band, landscape, porn blog”. Right away I thought…yup, that about sums it up… 

The internet is a thing. If you’re letting your kids have unlimited access to mobile devices, what the frick do you expect? 

2014: Day 104 

:: Today felt like two days… 
Had the morning off, but still got up at six. Made breakfast, cleaned the house, did laundry, and watched the new GoT, all by 9:30AM *thumbs up*
I refuse to share my opinion on this episode, solely based on the fact that people have completely forgotten how to not be rude. 
Spent the day at work talking conspiracies, upcoming events, life, and catching up with old students. A lot of people are going through a lot of things…we shouldn’t go through things alone. 
Also, people waste a LOT of…stuff! Time, money, experience, opportunities, resources. Taking a second to get “green” here…why do some people insist that a good time must consist of straight up waaasting things taken from the Earth that cannot be replaced!?! 
Why must a good time consist of things that kill your brain, your relationships, your reputation, your life. 
Why must we continue to destroy ourselves…for…fun? Entertainment? An evening of not being bored? 
INSTEAD try just…I dunno…expanding yourself!?! Learn more, read more, write out your thoughts! This whole subculture of being loud, obnoxious, rude, crass, and just straight up low-IQ is…so…….guh……I’m…..ugh….. 
I love people, I do. I just hate how stupid they are capable of being. MOSTLY…because i used to act like that. I look back, or I look at them, and I see my old self, and it bums me out a little. I get riled up, get angry, get passionate, because I care…and I just want people to live better lives!